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Grand Final Appointments 2023

As the excitement circus of Grand Final Week rolls into town, let's not overlook the 3rd team that graces the field. The Guys & Girls sporting the vibrant shades of yellow have poured every ounce of their passion, sweat, and determination into reaching this moment. It's their time to shine

Get ready for an exhilarating surge of energy here are our highly-anticipated line-up of appointed Referees and Touch Judges for the weekends games

A massive congratulations to all those who have been appointed to the games! Get out there and savour every exhilarating moment!

These appointments were announced at our General Meeting on Tuesday 22 August 2023. With Jerseys and Pennies presented by Jared Maxwell Cronulla Referees Life Member and NRL GM Elite Officiating, check out the gallery here

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